What is it that really matters to you? On the day of your death, what is it that you imagine you want to have accomplished?

Many times, we run after things or people we want to own, we want to please, to whom we want to prove our value. We want to have fun, or we are just lazy, we don’t want to make the effort… Or we are frightened. Or we are too tired. Or we have to get money to pay for all the things we have. And to sustain our life, our family, our desires. And in the way, we forget our real desire. What is your real desire? Do you think you can achieve it? Do you think it is vain? Do you think it is childish? Do you think it is impossible? Do you think it is too hard? Do you think it is a dream and dreams are for the night? Do you think you don’t have the talent? Do you believe what they have told you about your dreams?

What I do believe is that you need to know what is your dream. What is it that you were used to dream about. What is it that scares you so much to fail at? What is it that lack in your life that makes you die inside? What is it that you try to numb by all kind of addictive behaviours? What would it be to be free for you?

And I do believe that you need to go for it. Step by step. Day by day. One per cent after another until you are there. And you won’t really know what is there until you arrive, but at least you will have been walking the path of your dreams.

In my work in Gestalt, I love to see my clients find out what their dreams are, to see them becoming brighter and brighter, more and more focused, to unfold into their dream life, to unfold into who they really are, to blossom I could say. Together with the actual reality of their life. I can see them bringing their dream into their actual life. Re-shaping their lives into their dream. It is not about starting from scratch. It is about embracing what is here and now and transforming it.

And it is beautiful. It makes me feel in love with my life and with my job. I am so grateful for these beautiful people who are daring to come to sit with me and explore who they are. And then go back in their life and make changes. This is really a beautiful work that I do.

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