My name is Takayuki Shigematsu. I worked in the areas of research and development of functional materials at Japanese companies as a scientist, and implemented the mission of applied technology scouting in Europe, and establishment and management of the research institution for medical device-related products in Switzerland for 25 years in total. I left the company in 2015 and founded a company, which has provided therapeutic service called Japanese Reset Therapy since January 2016.

I met the origin of the Reset Therapy in 2001 when I was suffering from fatigue, insomnia, stiff shoulders and neck due to my stressful hard working conditions. The symptoms are so severe that I had to take sick leave since it is kind of burn out. I have tried several therapies but none of them brought essential improvement to the symptoms until I tried the origin of the Reset Therapy as my last hope. After several sessions, I realized this is something different concept from the others. In the end, I could come back to work.

Japanese Reset Therapy is to mitigate the chronically tensed muscles without pushing nor massaging strongly. If muscles are aggressively stimulated, the brain reacts in a protective measures to it and the muscles become even harder afterwards as a defense mechanism. We need to reassure our brain that it does not need to keep the tension of muscles. We can release the tension of muscles by touching the muscles while paying attention to respiration, gently swaying and stretching. When the muscles are reset, the circulation of blood and lymph improve, the pain is relieved, and the body alignment and posture become corrected naturally. The body will finally be able to restore the balance by its natural healing ability.

I recommend the Reset Therapy for those who with symptoms for lasting years and has already tried various therapies, which was not unfortunately satisfy you. Even though following symptoms and diagnoses are expressed by our clients, there are, for example, shoulders, back and neck pain, knee pain, numbness, headache, migraine, sciatica, scoliosis, tremor, curved back, fibromyalgia, polymyalgia, chronic fatigue, mobility improvement after accident or operation.

I believe that there is a strong need for Japanese Reset Therapy. That is why I have opened Lausanne cabinet since Jan 2018 and Nyon cabinet since Jan 2019 as well as Montreux cabinet, where I am based in.

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