At MedTip we love Greek mythology. We believe that everything that counts can be explained by a Greek history. Medicine is not an exception and we have our favourite story, the story of Hygieia and Panacea.

Through this article we want to show you:

☑ How the ancient Greeks defined medicine and why they were right and we are not

☑ The three simple things you need to start thinking about to become the healthiest version of yourself

☑ The difference between illness-focused medicine and the person-focused medicine

☑ How you can use your insurance to get reimbursement for preventive medicine

The Greek goddess, Hygieia where have you been?

Legend has it that Asclepius, son of Apollo, (god of medicine among a few other things) was the first known doctor. His virtue was so high that he managed to resurrect the dead. Zeus didn’t quite like that and he killed him. Yup, Zeus was not a forgiving one and things often ended up this way with him.

It is well known that Greek gods were not into chastity, so before dying, Asclepius had 6 children and among them two girls, Hygieia and Panacea. All 6 kids developed great skills in medicine, like father, like son, but the two sisters were the most skilled.

Panacea was venerated and loved because she had a potion with which she was able to cure any disease. Imagine what a good friend that is. She was regarded highly as a goddess and as of today, a panacea is a remedy that cures everything.

Hygieia was a gentle goddess, the kind of person that is always happy, loving and has that kind of aura that makes you feel better. Her virtue was that she always had good advice for anyone that wanted to listen. As a result, her friends had very athletic bodies (the utmost importance for greeks back in time), looked healthy and they were never sick.

Unfortunately, it seems that the Western world has forgotten the good advice of Hygieia.

Two goddesses, two medicines

The two sisters represent two complementary aspects of medicine. Panacea represents healing medicine, while Hygieia represents preventive medicine. Originally both had the same importance and in that way is recognized on the Hippocratic oath taken by doctors.

“I swear by Apollo the Healer, by Asclepius, by Hygieia, by Panacea, and by all the gods and goddesses, making them my witnesses, that I will carry out, according to my ability and judgment, this oath and this indenture.”

Unluckily for us, in the Western world, we are more focused on the Panacea way.

We define health as the absence of illness, however we all know that not being sick is very far from being in optimal health.

Luckily for you, we are going to help you to find Hygieia and walk the wellness path to optimal health with each one of these goddesses by your side 🙂

The three pillars of Hygieia

In Switzerland, we love the pillar system, and at MedTip we also have ours. Moreover you can start seeing the benefits of this system today and it is free.

The first pillar: nutrition

Hippocrates is known for saying: Let food be your first medicine. Pure greek wisdom as we know and love.

If you learn the basics of nutrition and start making educated choices about what you eat, you are holding Hygieia’s hand strongly and going in the right direction.

Beware, mis-information and temptations are everywhere thanks to the efforts of the food industry. Making good choices and the psychological challenges you need to overcome in order to have a healthy nutrition is not an easy task and it is not a one-day resolution.

We don’t want to scare you but if it was that easy everyone will be doing it. As of now we still eat more sugar than carrots so there are a few things to learn.

We strongly recommend you to go and see a professional. You can have a look at our site, nutrition experts.

Don’t forget to ask for reimbursement of the consultations, you can learn more about it here, reimbursement of alternative medicine in Geneva.

The second pillar: physical activity

We don’t want to reinvent the wheel. You already know that exercising is important to be in good health. Actually; all friends of Hygieia leaving the healthy way practised crossfit and yoga.

Well, we may have made up that, but Hygieia’s path was never flat. You need to climb ramps and run from time to time. You don’t need to be as fit as Apollo but the more you move the stronger Hygieia will hold your hand.

The third pillar: alternative medicine

  • Eating healthy and doing sports, what a revelation buddy!
  • Ok, but are you doing it?
  • Well, I can do better but it’s ok so far
  • And have you ever wondered if that’s all?
  • Alright, I’ve lost you now…

If wellness is a path to walk, there are times when you need to stop, relax and think to find a new direction. “Know yourself and you will know the Universe”, Socrates once said. We all know how important philosophy was for the ancient Greeks

Are you living with slight chronic pain? Do you feel stressed or nervous without really knowing why? A recurrent intestinal disorder or headache?

In traditional medicine, if you are not sick then there isn’t much to worry about and no action to implement. Just take a generic paracetamol or any other pill and that’s it.

But your life would be much better without those small inconveniences, wouldn’t it be?

We all need to be introspective and find new ways to become a better person. Should that be physically or from a more spiritual level, alternative medicine is the answer. We want to show you why.

The personal approach: the importance of person-focused medicine

Hygieia was known as one of the wisest goddesses of the greek world. She knew she couldn’t give the same advice to all her friends. It had to be tailor made for each and every one of them.

One of the main differences between the two medicines we cited earlier is the subject of study. Curative or healing medicine focuses on the illness as we aim to understand it and heal it. Preventive medicine focuses on the individual as it aims for you pillarto find your optimal health and keep it.
In preventive medicine, you are at the centre of any consultation and this leads to two major changes:

  • Suddenly these intestinal disorders or lack of sleep that don’t necessarily represent a disease are becoming important. These little troubles tell us that there are things to change or improvements to be made on your habits.
  • There are no drugs or generic treatments for everyone. A therapist of alternative medicine knows that he must adapt his advice to the person he has in front of him.

This change of purpose can really change your life and for that, we want to encourage you to take the first step.

Taking the first step in the path of alternative medicine

At Medtip, we believe in the therapist-patient relationship as a relationship of mutual enrichment. Therapists of alternative medicine know the path of prevention predicted by Hygieia and have a special sensitivity to listening to you and helping you discover the right choices for your journey along the way. In turn, while listening to you and working with you, the therapist becomes wiser and more experienced.

You can venture on the path by a more physical discipline such as osteopathy or therapeutic massage. You can also choose the spiritual path but in both cases finding a therapist who suits you is like finding one of Hygie’s childhood friends who can help you live a healthy life.

How to start? Which therapy? Which therapist?

The reality is that it is harder to find the causes of a disorder than the remedies to cure it.

It is much easier to prescribe an anxiolytic for anxiety than finding the causes of anxiety and setting up a plan of action. But if you could choose, which would you prefer?

It is easier to justify certain diseases as a natural outcome of ageing and take medication than taking responsibility and do what is necessary to age in good health. But if you could choose, how do you prefer to live your old age?

In the path of prevention, there are difficulties to overcome, maybe you have to try different disciplines and several therapists to find the right touch that helps you to play the melody of optimal health.

We cannot tell you which kind of discipline is the most suitable for you. We can only invite you to think for yourself. We think therapeutic massages are a great way to get in touch with alternative medicine and we wrote a small post on it.

Moreover, there is no definitive action, you are constantly evolving so you need to be in continuous introspection.

Is it worth taking time for all this?

Okay, let us answer that question with another one.

Is there something more important to you than your health?

Any change requires some responsibility and we hope to have helped you to think about it

On the practical side, do not forget that most of these therapies are reimbursed, you can learn more about the subject here.

If you take control of your health and make the first step towards prevention we invite you to look at the therapists available in our community and we congratulate you on your decision 🙂

And if you have any questions, ideas or concerns you would like to share with us, just comment below. We will be happy to help you. As they say, “he more, the merrier”, and we truly believe a positive change is possible if we are all together on it.

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