What’s MedTip about?

MedTip is a community, an interaction tool between the alternative medicine therapists and the people of Geneva. We give as much importance to the needs of therapists as to the needs of their potential customers.

MedTip is a reference for the public and a tool for visibility and information sharing for therapists.

We want the people of Geneva to integrate preventive medicine into their lives as a habit for a fulfilling life and change the current sickness-treatment approach.

We believe that we are stronger together. Promoting preventive medicine is a collective challenge.
On a personal level our team wants to contribute to society creating a healthier Geneva and yes we are a bit romantic 🙂

What we are not about

We are not a booking system, agenda or accounting tool. We do not wish to manage your time and your accounting obligations.

When I register …

You have absolute control of your page. You can benefit from the platform services starting today.

If I do not register …

For the benefit of the public MedTip will post your public contact information,

unless you do not want it.

I register myself now

Just send us an email at info@medtip.ch with your website, we will create a page for you and contact you for validation.
BONUS: Once created you can modify it anytime without our help, you own it.

Can I receive a bad review?

MedTip does not allow offensive opinions. Suggestions on how to improve the service are allowed only if they are written with respect. We are strict on this point.

It’s free of cost?


How do you finance the activities?

We do it with our own funds and time.

My center is already listed at MedTip.

We’ve listed some centers, contact us at info@medtip.ch to gain control over it.

How can I benefit from publishing offers, writing articles, social media communications?

We strongly advise you to give us a call and meet us personally.
We have also created a series of videos to show you how to use the platform, you can check here video demo(french)

I have a question

Great! Contact us at info@medtip.ch or call us at 076 273 62 48