save money in switzerland with complementary insurance

This week I received the invoice for a very expensive mistake :-/ I have a slight scolios and although I was not in real pain, I felt that it was starting to ‘stiffen’ up a little. So off I gaily went to the Chiropracter thinking that a little manipulation and exercise would loosen it off. It certainly loosened my purse strings!

Believing that my limited knowledge of the Swiss health system was correct, and my misguided thinking that there was very little difference between a Chiropracter and an Osteopath, I did not ask the REALLY important question: Is this covered under compulsory or complementary insurance? Of course, it turns out is is covered under compulsory!

What this means is if you have a very high franchise of CHF2,500, like mine which you never reach, try to go for complementary covered services as you can be reimbursed 80%. It turns out that Chiropracters and Physiotherapists are considered as doctors and so they are covered under compulsory and if you don’t reach your franchise, you pay 100%.

Moral of the story, ask before arranging treatment or look for advice on MedTip

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  1. MedTip

    Hi Rowana, thanks for submitting your experience! We can see how this example may help others.

    In fact, chiropractors are considered primary healthcare in many countries while osteopaths are often considered alternative medicine practitioners. In many countries they follow similar levels of education and the professions do have many things in common. There are certain arguments supporting that decision but we don’t agree that much, however that’s another topic.

    The Swiss regulation about the professions follows this line, that’s why we always advice to call the insurance to clear the reimbursement first.
    Also you will find no chiropractors on our list 😉

    We will not enter on the differences between professions. At MedTip we believe on the educated choice, check what the practitioner offers and how he/she explains the practice and if that makes sense to you, then try it. That’s why we aim to provide you an easy way to access the message of every practitioner, so you can save some precious time finding a professional that suits you.

    Hopefully that was well spent money and you went out of the session with some exercises to prevent the stiffness coming back.

    Feel free to keep engaging with us commenting the articles or sending your experiences, the more we are the better we get informed.